Sales & Marketing Collateral

Missouri Lawyers Weekly Media Kit

Missouri Lawyers Weekly

When I joined the staff at Missouri Lawyers Media, the media kit was a two-sided, black-and-white flier. I elevated the media kit to be a branded, focused tool that the account executives could use to sell advertising. I managed an external graphic designer and brought this piece in under budget.


The Cadillac List

St. Louis Magazine

Every month, as advertising director, I wrote the Cadillac List, which worked to align the brand with luxury products and events. This was part of a customized program that we developed for this advertiser.


Women's Justice Awards House Ad

Missouri Lawyers Weekly

This house ad served to announce the Women's Justice Awards honorees and promote ticket sales to this signature event. I wrote the copy and worked with our in-house graphic designer and photographer to assure the ad communicated the event brand.


Welcome Remarks: Women's Justice Awards, 2009

Missouri Lawyers Weekly

This is the transcript of my welcome comments from the Women's Justice Awards, 2009.


MOney20: Press Release

Missouri Lawyers Weekly

MOney20 is a signature specialty research publication from Missouri Lawyers Weekly, which addresses the business of law firms in a very public way.


The Dentist’s Financial Playbook (part of a 10-part series)

https://buckinghamst ... -should-go

The following is part of a 10-part video series I developed with Buckingham’s Practice Integrated Wealth Management (PIWM) group.

Trade Publication Bylines

What's Going On In The Life Insurance Business: I'm Super, Thanks for Asking!

Life Insurance Selling

This is an editorial piece I wrote for Life Insurance Selling, a national life insurance trade publication. Underwriting is an important part of the life insurance business, and often the agent is on the front lines of what can be an uncomfortable conversation. My column was written to underscore th


Solid Relationships Secure Worksite Sales

Life Insurance Selling

As an editor, I was responsible for attending meetings and providing a report with regard to the topic. These reports communicated practical information to our readers and provided marketing and promotion to the groups who worked to support producer development. My maiden name was Helean. It now is


Brokerage Distribution: A Delivery Channel that Delivers Success

Life Insurance Selling

A special editorial section that addressed the brokerage business as it relates to life and health insurance. This way of doing business made life insurance sales far more competitive and enabled producers to have many more options for their clients. (My maiden name was Helean. It now is my middle n


Magazine Bylines

Lunch Outside The Box

FEAST Magazine: Print, September Issue http://www.feaststl. ... 0f31a.html

A feature article I wrote for FEAST Magazine. I interviewed leading St. Louis chefs to discover how they would devise their kids' ultimate fantasy lunchboxes.

Special Q&A: The Kelly Twins Talk Healthy School Lunches

FEAST Magazine: Online Exclusive, September 1, 2011 http://www.feaststl. ... 0f31a.html

This was an online companion piece to the "Lunch Outside The Box" Feature I wrote. The Kelly Twins are food advocates and media personalities that take a no-nonsense, practical approach to family food and nutrition.

Dinner & A Show: Atlas + Union Avenue Opera's La Cenerentola

FEAST Magazine: Online Exclusive, July 28, 2011 http://www.feaststl. ... 0f31a.html

I write a weekly online column, Dinner & A Show, wherein I bring together an event and a dining destination that have something in common. I enjoy creating a theme that carries through the week's entry and gets readers excited to try something new.

Sunny Family Fare

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles, April 1, 2012 http://www.stlouisho ... amily-fare

DINNER & A SHOW: Perennial Artisan Ales' Beer Release Thursday

FEAST Magazine: Online Exclusive, August 16, 2012 http://bit.ly/Np9Hk5

I write a weekly online column, Dinner & A Show, wherein I bring together an event and a dining destination that have something in common. I enjoy creating a theme that carries through the week's entry and gets readers excited to try something new.

Personal Blog

Ice Cream: Two Scoops of the Same Flavor

Eat It, St. Louis http://wp.me/p1pQRI-7K

My blog is a personal endeavor, which I supported and promoted through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Eat It, St. Louis has become my brand.

Did Someone Mention a Party?

Eat It, St. Louis! http://wp.me/p1pQRI-52

I wrote this to support two great events that were happening in St. Louis. We have a robust food community, and I take special delight in supporting it.

There May Not Be A Heaven

Eat It, St. Louis! http://wp.me/p1pQRI-4q

This is my food-related recap of a business trip I took. It is a bit longer than most of what I write, but San Francisco demands that.

Smoking Is Good!

Eat It, St. Louis! http://wp.me/p1pQRI-2o

This is an example of how I work with my favorite restaurants to tell a story.