Amy H. Burdge

Amy H. Burdge

So what?

These two words changed my communications life.

A long time ago, when I was starting as an assistant editor for a national trade publication, I'd labored over a sales letter. It was perfection; high literature; a masterpiece. Confident, I turned it over to my publisher for review.

When he returned to my office seconds later, he'd scrawled (in red ink, I might add) "So what?" across the top. As he handed it to me, he informed me that busy professionals receive hundreds of communications weekly. To deserve to be read, to earn five minutes of valuable time, it was my responsibility to answer the "so what" question in the first sentence.

The letter I wrote failed to make my audience care.

I went back to the drawing board because it was incumbent upon me to make my message matter.

The "so what" factor has been my litmus test ever since. Regardless of the audience with whom I'm communicating, I know I have to earn my audience's attention.

Expertise I engage audiences and deliver effective communications that drive behavior.

Skills Content creation, marketing communications, editorial oversight, publication management, digital strategy, team leadership, relationship building.

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